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Huffpo lies round up:

Torture victim appeared to have ‘advanced cancer:” Maybe if they start paying reporters they’ll stop putting up lies as their headlines. Oh they might argue that it’s an easily misconstrued ambiguous description. But that’s horse shit. It’s a lie. The person in question never said the victim appeared to have advanced cancer, she said he looked so thin he resembled someone who had advanced cancer. There is no evidence of him actually having cancer, and so he did not appear to have cancer. Fuck you huffpo.

As for the second headline, that reminds me of another unprecedented legal action accusing Huffpo of enslaving bloggers:

Also, the article itself is a propaganda piece written by reporters helping PETA activists trying to gain popular support for their frivolous, 100% doomed-to-failure lawsuit against seaworld.


3 teens dressed as pig and pigdogs in suits = front page news.

This week’s national embarrassment continues unabated, captured and amplified in the propaganda machinery of the huffpo front page.

Is huffpo being meta or just hypocritical?

Schloccupy Bay Street

Vancouver Protester. Derp Dur Durr. Apparently 99% of Canadians live on $14 a year. Note the smug expression and expensive outfit.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that media outlets stateside are overblowing the size and impact of the unfortunately small Occupy Wall Street protests there, Huffington Post Canada has decided to publish a daily stream of agitprop favouring the pointless Canadian rip-off protest, “Occupy Bay Street.”

So far this coverage has resulted in a number of photos taken at that special perspective that hides the fact that only a handful of high, dazed middle-class white hippies and smug arts students have bothered to show up to any of the ‘nationwide’ protests organized on Facebook by a few perennial rabble-rousers. It has also resulted in the following lies and exaggerations in the front page Huffpo headlines:

20,000 swarm times square (Lie: the actual number cited in the article, which was just a reprint from reuters, was about 5000)

protests STEAMROLL across Canada (Exaggeration: most protests outside Toronto had less than 100 participants).

And, really, why should anyone worthwhile show up, given that Canadian banks behaved responsibly during and prior to the crisis, making sound investments and not giving out loans to people who couldn’t afford them? Canada didn’t hand out bailouts to its banks, and those same Canadian banks remain vastly better capitalized than their American or European cousins. Hence, these ‘protestors’ have nothing to protest about. They complain about a litany of non-problems, having spent their cushy, entitled middle class suburban lives in one of the most livable countries in human history. Canadians are all part of the global 1%, and the sooner these unemployed crybabies learn that, the sooner they’ll start handing out their blank resumes to fast food restaurants and industrial laundries.

Photos from the Occupy Canada movement, care of Huffington Post:

Well that's a malpractice suit just waiting to happen...


am I doin' it right?

Where's the love? I thought they were against animal cruelty...

After that day, the world was never the same... the revolution had been proclaimed on a cardboard banner by its herald, a lone white teenager skipping remedial geography.

Hey Rebecca, mom called, she wants us home by 5 for dinner...

If you’re confused about the goals of the Occupy Canada movement, look no further:

Well that clears things up.

And what, prey tell, is wrong with my resume?

I stole this from someone's front lawn! Yay revolution!

Finally, a man with a beard makes a carefully reasoned economic argument.